Clifton Li

Based in Toronto, award winning photographer Clifton Li creates innovative and cutting edge imagery to satisfy the imagination of commercial and editorial clients. As a photographer, Clifton opts for visual simplicity and controlled expressiveness to achieve maximum visual impact. Clifton produces his own brand of aesthetic excellence using his understanding of the foundations of the image, composition, surrounding environment, and the most effective lighting for the setup. He pushes the image even further by provoking emotion through mood and storytelling. Clifton Li has won the Applied Arts and Capic Rodeo awards three years running, in addition to awards from the Hasselblad Masters, Px3 Competition, and IPA - International Photography Awards.

Andrew Hiorth

Andrew Hiorth specializes in Fashion and Glamour. Through his career he has been published in various magazine editorials and numerous online campaigns. He has served as the Director of Photography for Art of Fashion for 3 years, and has worked as a lead in producing material for events like America’s Next Top Model Live. As a creative director Andrew brings ingenuity and creativeness to the table and captures the essence of the story being told. With a diverse background in Human Resources, Sales & Marketing, and Business Administration, Andrew’s talents also help our clients outside of the studio in content creation, campaign planning, and out of the box approaches to bringing your ideas to life.

Asif  Raza

Asif Raza is a seasoned photographic & design professional with 30 year of international experience, working for predominantly global & ‘blue chip’ organizations. Asif has worked with organizations such as IBM, Uni Levers, ICI, Kodak, Fuji Films, Toyota, Coke, Proctor & Gamble, Toronto Hydro, Aviva, Des Jardins as well as some of the leading advertising agencies across the globe, like Saatchi & Saatchi, Oglivy & Mather, J. Walter Thompson, BBDO, Grays etc.

Asif extensive and varied experiences have taught him to become a calm, creative and conscientious individual. Additionally, he has come to realize the importance of collaboration and the impact it has made in developing strong interpersonal skills and effective long term relationships with clients as well as students. As an educator Asif celebrates diversity and respect for all in the hope of connecting his life experiences with other’s life experiences, culture and spirituality.

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